Our Services

Our Services

Treatments are performed Monday-Sunday at our Tampa Bay clinic. Call us for ou Limited Flex Hours we offer on Sunday. In most cases, we can accommodate same day appointments at our clinic.

Mobile services are available when scheduled in advance for school checks, camps and day care centers.

We do all of the combing! We treat you so that you do not have to go home and lice-comb yourself to finish your treatment after our service. When already treating a member of the household, head checks for all household members are free.  With our professional removal services, we guarantee our work, or we will treat again for FREE!!!!  See details about our guarantee below!!!

Our Pricing: $90-$150 per person treated- depending on the severity of the infestation and thickness and length of the hair. Boys with short hair start at $90 and up.  Girls start at $120 and up unless the hair length is above the ears.  Our pricing range is $90-$150.  We see all cases back for a quick follow up within 5-10 days of the initial appointment: Light to medium cases initially treated get a FREE re-check! We will perform a full retreat for heavy or severe cases initially treated. Full retreat is $55. For extremely tangled and matted and/or difficult hair, our technicians may charge an additional $20 fee. Head check only is $20/head. Sunday surcharge is a $30 fee added to the invoice.

Mobile service trip fee for school checks, camps and day care centers is $35. If distance traveled is over 30 miles, trip fee will double for each additional 30 miles.  School checks, camps and day care minimum is $100.

**We offer one private clinic.  Clinic is located in Tampa Bay.

Clinic address:

– 2814 W. Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd. Suite 201 Tampa, FL 33607

**By appointment only.  Call (888) 554-LICE to book your appointment or email liceladiestampabay@gmail.com**

Do you have Flex Spending Account or HSA?  We are Flex Spending Account and HSA approved with most carriers! Check with your HSA and/or Flex provider.  We are doctor recommended and school endorsed.

***Our guarantee details***
We guarantee our services for 30 days once the person(s) treated has returned for the follow up re-check or re-treat appointment (whichever applies to the case as shown on your initial invoice). If evidence of re-infestation is found, we will re-treat the re-infested person(s) one time for free within the 30 day period. This guarantee applies to any individual treated by Lice Ladies when all of the following are met:
-The follow-up (re-check or re-treat, whichever applies to the case) appointment is scheduled and adhered to (5-10 days after the initial appointment)
-Every person living in the same household with the treated individual is checked by Lice Ladies. If additional cases are identified, Lice Ladies must treat the infested individual(s).
-The maintenance check that we teach on the follow up appointment is adhered to on a weekly and ongoing basis. Any new evidence of head lice is picture emailed to liceladiestampabay@gmail.com in order to verify what is being combed out of the hair.
This tool we teach will also help parents/guardians detect any new infestation within 7-10 days.

We use an environmentally safe product which is approved for infants, nursing mothers or expectant mothers.  An all-natural occurring enzyme is the main active ingredient in our product.  Our great product along with our professional combing is guaranteed to remove all lice and nits; beware that over-the-counter and prescription pesticides often fail to kill lice and do not kill or remove nits. (See our product website for product purchases: www.liceevict.com)