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Anonymous emails can be sent regarding clients of Lice Ladies to send to friends and/or family of the treated clients informing them that they should consider being checked.



This is a courtesy notice to inform you that someone you know, a friend, classmate, or family member has recently been treated for head lice by Lice Ladies. While there is no need to panic, those who may have been exposed may want to schedule an appointment for a professional head check at our clinic. Our head checks are $20.00.

During the head lice check, one of our trained technicians will comb through your entire head to make sure there is no sign of lice or nits. If no lice or nits are found, you are clear.

If any sign of lice or nits are found, we can begin treatment immediately. Our treatments range in price from $90 – $150, depending on the severity of the infestation and the length and thickness of the hair. Once we are treating one person in the household, we will perform a FREE head check for all immediate family members that live in the same household. This is also one of the ways we can guarantee our service. For anyone that is treated, we do a follow up 7-10 days later. For these follow ups, we will perform a re-treat or re-check (depending on severity of infestation). From that point, we have a 30 day-guarantee. See our website for details on our guarantee!

We use our own all natural, non-toxic, and enzyme based product, Lice Ladles Evict.  We also use our professional lice comb, the Lice Ladies Evict comb.

Call (888) 554-LICE to schedule your appointment today.

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Lice Ladies